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The Merry Wives of Windsor - Hamlet Isn't Dead, Westbeth, NY

"...the company brings out a strong ensemble full of excellent clowns who double as musicians, and don't object to interjecting modernisms to keep the jingle ball rolling.  Stand-outs include Briana Sakamoto as Robin, Falstaff's servant channeling Harpo Marx..." - Emily C.A. Snyder, Classical NYC

Incident at Hidden Temple - Pan Asian Rep, Theatre Row, NY

"...a broadcast by Japanese radio propagandist Tokyo Rose (the simultaneously sexy and mocking voice of Briana Sakamoto)." - Zachary Stewart, TheaterMania

"Lucy (Briana Sakamoto) also talks to the blind man, who tells her a story. In one of the play’s most charming moments, he and she act out the story using classical Chinese gestures and body movements....The staging and the acting overall are excellent." - Victoria Weisfeld, Front Row Center

" insidiously effective broadcast by Tokyo Rose." - David Barbour, Lighting and Sound America

Emily Dickinson: Paranormal Investigator - Power Out Prod, Kraine Theatre, NY FRIGID Festival

"How Backus and Briana Sakamoto crafted the character was possibly the happiest marriage of the genres. Sakamoto’s small stature turning into the biggest badass on stage was some of the strongest sources of comedy." - Michael Block, Theater in the Now

"Briana Sakamoto’s role as all of the Fox Sisters is one that could slip into shtick, but Sakamoto crafts distinct and interesting personalities for each of their characters – plus they demonstrate some pretty wicked rapping skills." - Theresa Perkins, My Entertainment World

"Leigh Poulos' Walt Whitman and Briana Sakamoto's Fox Sisters are as hilarious as the actors (who play several other roles) are versatile." - Natalie Sacks,

Macbeth (of the Oppressed) - Fab Marquee Prod., 14th St. Y, NY

"Third Witch Briana Sakamoto seemed to melt like Salvador Dali’s clocks, as they liquidly arrived on surfaces to become a gracefully athletic faerie, intent on adding their power to their Sisters’ for the ultimate destruction of the folly of Man." - Sherri Rase, Q On Stage

"Shaurice, Becton, and Sakamoto are also wonderful to watch as the witches. Their chemistry as an ensemble is no less than perfect. And I love how they also play the murderers and soldiers Macbeth hires throughout the play—it visualizes their ubiquitous power." - Sarah Weber, Theater is Easy

"The witches as a group impress with their eerie, stylized, and synchronized movement... [the] transformation of their well-known 'toil and trouble' recitation around the cauldron into an soul-infused acapella song provides another stand-out moment." - Leah Richards, Culture Catch

"Lavita Shaurice, James Edward Becton, and Briana Sakamoto also do splendidly as the trio of witches." - Howard Miller, Talkin' Broadway

"The trio of witches played by Jams Edward Becton, Brianna Sakamoto, and Lavita Shaurice worked soundly as a unit, blending well when they broke out into [a] musical rendition of the spell." - Michael Block, Theater in the Now

"The three witches were as mysterious and menacing as they needed to be, lurking on stage and moving in tandem like a well oiled machine." - Quick Theatre

"The Three Witches played by James Edward Becton, Lavita Shaurice, and Briana Sakamoto do a nice job providing the mystery and magic of the piece. They are on stage much of the time and add a great eeriness to the play." - Nicholas Linnehan, Theater Scene

Julie of the Wolves - American Museum of Natural History, NY

''There was not a dry eye in the house when this little girl sang,'' Jean Craighead-George quoted by Tanya Mohn, New York Times

Il trionfo dell'onore - Underworld Prod. Opera, Symphony Space, NY

"...the excellent and very funny soprano Briana Sakamoto." - Meche Kroop, Voce di meche